For Sale By Owner vs Realtor

Some people are very successful at selling their home “By Owner”.  They have knowledge of key marketing strategies, how to best show their home, and they possess a good understanding of contracts.  They are well versed in negotiation tactics, but most of all, they are aware of the current market in their area and have priced their home appropriately.  They realize the majority of homes on the market today are sold through an real estate agency and they are aware that potential buyers might expect them to sell for less than market value because they will not be paying an agency commission.

On the other hand, listing your home with a Venice FL Realtor® means that upon the sale, you pay a commission to the agencies involved out of your proceeds.  The advantages, however, might just be the deciding factors to justify using a Venice FL Realtor® to sell your home.

Advantages of For Sale By Owner

  • The seller pays no real estate commission.
  • Possibility of selling at below market value yet receiving higher proceeds than you would have gotten had you used an agent.
  • The seller controls all aspects of the sale (some believe this to be a disadvantage).

Advantages of Using a Venice FL Realtor®

  • The Realtor® plans the marketing strategies.
  • The Realtor® can do a market analysis showing comparable home sales so that together you can determine the asking price.
  • The Realtor® places your home in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and® so it can be seen and shown by millions of potential buyers other Realtors® from other agencies. This makes a huge difference in the number of prospective buyers that are able to actually see that your home is for sale.
  • Realtors® typically screen potential buyers to make sure they are qualified to obtain a mortgage, thereby not wasting your time showing your home to people who can not buy it.
  • Realtors® coordinates the showing of your home to potential buyers.
  • Realtors® present purchase offers from buyers, or submit counter-offers to buyers on your behalf.
  • Realtors® assist you with management of home inspections, surveys, appraisal and coordinates the closing with a title company or attorney.
  • Many buyers use Realtors® to help them find a new home

Getting the best price often requires the expert negotiating services of a skilled professional who is educated in the intricacies of the most complex real estate transactions.  Exposure to other Realtors is the key to success, as 80% of all homes sold nationwide are marketed through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

Understanding the Hidden Costs of Selling a Home

Since it’s my business to know as much as possible about Venice FL real estate, I am familiar with the frustrations many homeowners encounter when they try to sell their home on their own.  There are many things you should know about trying to sell your home without a professional Realtor.

  • Potential buyers will offer less because you’re saving the commission by selling your property on your own. At best, you should think of saving only half of the commission.
  • You will have substantial out-of-pocket costs that properties listed with a Realtor do not incur, such as advertising, marketing and legal services.
  • You may undervalue your house and loose thousands of dollars in net proceeds.
  • You may find yourself uncomfortable and inconvenienced with the burden of allowing strangers into your home.
  • Unless you are a seasoned negotiator, you may give away more at the bargaining table than you would have paid in commissions with an experienced sales associate.  In fact, research indicates that you will earn 16% less than owners of comparable houses who put the transaction into the hands of an experienced Realtor®.

After considering the hidden costs of not using a real estate professional, you may decide to enlist the help of a licensed Venice FL Realtor.  As a real estate professional, I take great pride in knowing all the properties that are for sale in the Venice Florida area.  I would appreciate the opportunity to preview your home and discuss how my services can help you get your home SOLD.

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